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Why use Alyze for your SEO audits?

Alyze was one of the first SEO tool. Since 2008, we have been providing professionals and individuals with quality SEO analyses, free of charge and without invasive advertising. Through the updates, our tool has built a solid reputation for seriousness and honesty in the SEO community. Its star keyword analytics feature has been enhanced by a comprehensive SEO audit and complementary tools such as page comparison, keyword suggestion, SEO API, and premium offers.

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Alyze evolves regularly in order to follow the requirements of the SEO.
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Complete on-page analysis

Ranking of the page's best keywords

This is THE feature that made Alyze known. Our keyword ranking is established as a real search engine could do. We present it as transparently and pedagogically as possible. Suggestions for keywords are also proposed, because if keywords remain the basis of SEO, a rich and optimized semantic field is becoming more and more important for Google.

Audit of key points in natural referencing

A web page has various hot spots that must be optimized to ensure a good SEO. This is the title, the meta description of course, but also the general organization of the page and the size of its content. Our online tool performs a free SEO analysis where all these points are checked in a fraction of a second!

SEO-oriented configuration help

The SEO process is accompanied by the definition of many parameters. Alyze helps you to indicate to search engines the language of your page, its encoding, its canonical address or its favicon. You will also be guided in the proper use of tags controlling the indexing of a page and its sharing on social networks.

Link optimization

Google builds its ranking with the links found on the web. Our tool dissects all the links found on the page and groups them into internal links and external links. Each link is analyzed with regard to its SEO capability.

Image SEO assistance

Images are often overlooked by SEO-minded creators. Alyze's online SEO audit offers you to analyze the capacity of your images to be correctly indexed ( alt , title attributes , image name, etc.).

Network flow analysis

The speed of your site are fundamental for your visitors and for a good SEO. To help you optimize your site, Alyze displays its loading speed, its weight related to its content, the IP address of your server, its HTTP response, etc.

Innovative modules

Page Explorer

Page Explorer is a unique SEO tool that allows you to navigate a page in SEO mode. The heading tags cut out the page map to make it easier to read. Each of the important SEO tags is highlighted and commented with pedagogy.

Page Explorer

SERP preview

Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words. In order to fully understand if a title or description is appropriate, there is nothing better than seeing them on Google. Our SERP preview tool therefore presents the page as close as possible to what it should be on Google.

SERP Preview

Saving SEO reports in PDF

Doing an SEO analysis is good, being able to save it, presenting it to a customer or sending it to a provider, it's even better! The PDF export module can also work as a white label to fully customize your PDFs.

PDF export module