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Alyze's SEO crawler is based on an enriched version of Alyze's page analyzer widely used in the SEO community since 2008. Unlike the page analyzer, the crawler is able to follow all the links on your site as a search engine robot would. It produces an analysis of your entire website where technical problems, SEO weaknesses, poorly adapted structures, etc. are easily detected.

How does it work? All Alyze members can scan 50 pages for free every month. While this may be enough for very small sites, it is mainly a way to perform a first test of the service. To go further, you need to subscribe to one of our Premium offers. There is something for all budgets (from 7 € / month)!

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Alyze's SEO crawler is in Beta.

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Our SEO crawler is accompanied by aids designed to allow you to apprehend by yourself the results of the analysis. Every situation is different, SEO requirements are evolving and it is often difficult to maintain an absolute truth on the subject.

Here, no commercial blah blah blah, no miracle recipe. Alyze shows you the state of the art in relation to the audit of your site. No more and no less.