Alyze's API is all Alyze's features accessible via a simple and powerful API. For any specific questions or requests, we'll be happy to answer you!

API Test

Enough to test Alyze's API without paying a cent.


A first accessible offer for small structures.

API Pro+

An offer for intermediate needs.


An offer that opens up access to large volume processing.
Volume 500 accès pendant un mois 10 000 accès per month 30 000 accès per month 100 000 accès per month
Price Free offer
No commitment
10 euros per month
or 100 euros per year
No commitment
Either 0.001000 or 0.0008 per query
25 euros per month
or 250 euros per year
No commitment
Either 0.000833 or 0.0007 per query
50 euros per month
or 500 euros per year
No commitment
Either 0.000500 or 0.0004 per query
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API Terms and Conditions

VAT not applicable art. 293 b of the CGI (French tax code)
Alexandre Tourette - EI

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